226 East Graham St.
PO Box 1444
Shelby, NC 28151-1444

Phone: 704-487-8503
Fax: 704-487-8504


Are you handicap accessible?

Wheelchair Accessible
Shelby Presbyterian Church is wheelchair accessible. There are handicap parking spaces along Harris Street next to the church as well as in the city parking lot adjacent to the church. The sidewalks there are wheelchair accessible to gain entrance to the side of the church on Harris Street (Ellis Hall) and the main entrance (Sanctuary) on East Graham Street. There are handicap accessible restrooms on the hall near the back of the sanctuary. Access to the second floor is by the elevator located behind the sanctuary. Please see the church map for locations of restrooms and elevator.

Hearing Assistance
Shelby Presbyterian Church has recently added a loop system which works with the antenna(t-coil) found in most modern hearing aids to dramatically improve the listening experience. This is the first such system in Cleveland County.

Hearing induction loop systems transmit sound wirelessly to the T coil embedded in the hearing aid.

The loop induction amplifier is connected to a copper wire (Loop) which is installed in the floor of a church or other facility. The sound source travels within the loop and the T coil in a hearing aid receives the electromagnetic sound signal and changes back to clear amplified sound with the digital hearing aid circuitry.

The Loop is like “WI Fi” wirelessly broadcasting and received by the hearing aids making the hearing aids a personal wireless headphone system. The Hearing Loop effectively takes the hearing aid microphone and links it directly to the church’s sound system turning your hearing aid into a personal wireless amplified speaker.A T coil is an option on most hearing aids and is generally in all cochlear implant processors. With a t-coil installed in the hearing aid, the user simply pushes the button or switch for the “T” setting – no additional headsets or receivers are necessary to hear clearly in the induction loop.
The T Coil in the hearing aid is programmed by your audiologist while you listen to music or speech in quiet and background noise.