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Adult Education Ministries

At Shelby Presbyterian Church, we invite adults to participate in the life of the church in many ways and at many levels.
This includes an emphasis on Christian education, which helps prepares us to serve Christ in the world around us.
In addition to weekly services, adults will typically have seven different educational opportunities to choose from on Sunday mornings. Most  of the classes run from September to late May. When there is just one corporate worship service, as it is right now, these classes start at 9 a.m.
Members and guests alike are encouraged to find a class.
If you are new to Shelby Presbyterian, you are invited to visit any and all classes before deciding on the format and topic that best suits your interests and needs.

  • New and Prospective Members Class is taught by Pastor Drew Mangione in the Ellis Hall during Sunday School time. (ACTIVE NOW – 2021-2022)
  • F3 Class meets in room 205 upstairs. The class members are single young adults as well as young couples, but all ages are welcome. Curriculum varies. This class does not meet in the summer. (ACTIVE NOW – 2021-2022)
  • Serendipity meets in room 201 upstairs. Ben Brooks is the facilitator. The class usually selects a book of the Bible to study in depth. This class is open to men and women of all ages. (ACTIVE NOW – 2021-2022)
  • Covenant Class meets in the back parlor (hall behind kitchen.) This class is for men and women of any age. They use The Present Word, which consists of quarterly books that follow a theme that is relevant biblically and theologically to everyday life. These sessions are planned to refresh, strengthen, and deepen faith. Glenn Moore is the contact person for this class. (RETURNING SOON)
  • Ladies’ Bible Class meets in the conference room (also in hall behind kitchen.) They also use The Present Word as the basis for study and discussion. (RETURNING SOON)
  • Christian Issues Class meets in the narthex parlor with Ali Paksoy serving as the contact person. A discussion format is used based on a great variety of  topics introduced by books and videos. (RETURNING SOON)
  • Joy Makers meet in the Upper Room which overlooks Ellis Hall. They study books on spirituality. Contacts are Mary Connor and Doug Boyette. Open to all adults. (RETURNING SOON)
  • Women in Progress meet in the library beside the small chapel. The contact person is Susan Bell. They use a variety of biblical studies and books of interest. This class is for women of all ages. (RETURNING SOON)

Additional opportunities for Christian growth which have been offered in the past include:

  • Advent and Lenten special studies are offered by the Spiritual Life Committee.
  • The Discipleship Ministry Committee works to provide opportunities for all adults to meet together for special programs presented by visiting speakers, missionaries or visitors from our sister churches.
  • The Wednesday Night Supper Committee often plans a seasonal or relevant Bible Study program.