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Global Missions

As our world becomes smaller, SPC finds ways to do God’s work in other places outside of our community.

  • Shelby Presbyterian Church has a sister church, Monte los Olivos, in Guatemala. Members of our church helped them with a water purification system and continue to support them through prayer.
  • This church regularly sends a mission team, which includes SPC members who are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teens, (and anyone willing to work hard) to the Dominican Republic.
  • SPC supports financially and through prayers, several missions throughout the world including the Guatemalan Partnership, and missionaries in Kenya-Tenwick, Taiwan, Malawi, and the Caribbean.  Missionaries we currently support
  • SPC provides financial and spiritual support for agencies and organizations both regionally and internationally. The Presbytery of Western North Carolina and the Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth and Family are two within our state.