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Who We Are

Presbyterians seek to love God and our neighbors with our whole selves. We do this together. Our church family can journey with you as you live and grow in Christ.

Reformed and always being Reformed according to the Word of God

Shelby Presbyterian Church stands within the Reformed theological tradition and is part of the

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Our Mission

To Glorify God and share Christ together through Word and Deed.


Our Vision:

To be a place where:

People come to worship
People love to give their time in mission and service
People love to share their financial resources
People love to study and proclaim the Word of God
People love to spend time together as the body of Christ
People love each other,
And all are welcome.


Our Core Values
  • Teaching the Bible and the message of Jesus Christ to all ages with an emphasis on younger generations.

  • Worship in the tradition of the Presbyterian Church, including a powerful and stimulating presence in the pulpit and an emphasis on excellence in music.

  • Giving of ourselves and our resources through local and global mission work along with being responsible stewards of our time and talents.

  • Discipleship within our congregation and beyond by spreading and experiencing the love of Christ through our example and commitment.

  • Congregational support and family of fellowship through pastoral care and sharing life as a community of believers.

  • Providing staff and facilities that are sufficient to support the mission and vision of our church.

Affirmation of Faith

Each Sunday we affirm our faith together through reciting one of our creeds. It will be printed in the bulletin.



The celebration of the Sacrament is open to the whole believing community. The invitation is extended to all who have been baptized or who come in faith, repentance, and love. Baptized children who have been instructed in the significance of the invitation to the Table and their response are also invited to receive the Lord’s Supper.

The Lord’s Supper is served at least once a month.  



As there is one body, there is one Baptism. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) recognizes all Baptisms with water administered by other Christian churches. At Shelby Presbyterian, you may see young children or adults receiving Baptism by sprinkling from the Baptismal font.

Our Congregation Strives to Be

  • Well-rounded and creative congregational membership

  • Well-instituted and diverse music programs for all ages

  • Devoted session leaders and dedicated service by the diaconate, as described in the Book of Order

  • Strong tradition of congregational leadership and participation in Sunday worship services

  • Long-established church with extensive history of leadership, service, and faithfulness in our community

  • Consistent participation in, and enthusiasm for, local and global mission support

  • Strong history of consistent stewardship, which allows our church to thrive and grow in our mission to serve

  • History of leadership by gifted pastors, who have complemented each others’ spiritual gifts, giving our church a solid foundation on which to grow

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